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What is the message that is trying to be conveyed here?  Does the word “investing” trigger thoughts of money?

For some people the word “time” will be skipped over and the focus will be on investing.  I think that we should look at the entire statement.  I have selected four key words: spend/time/investing/others.

Spend – what are we spending?

Time – What are we doing with our time?

Investing – What are we investing in?

Others – What are we doing for others?

When we share our time with others, it produces great rewards.  We are showing that we care; we are saying I love and value you as a person and I respect you.

Have you ever stopped to think about what it would be like to not have anyone who cares?  It’s a scary thought but it happens.

In “And The Tree Cried Out” another great lesson that Alex learned was on compassion.  On Pgs. 14 & 15, Mr. Tree speaks to Alex about people not seeing any useful purpose for others.  Often people want to have their selfish needs fulfilled and when that has been accomplished, it’s time to move on.  “Take for instance grandparents.  Grandparents love their grandchildren dearly.  They give them gifts, bake cookies, share in their successes as well as their disappointments only to be tossed to the side when they become too old and are of little to no value to them”

Mr. Tree continued his conversation with Alex to let him know that it is never the intent of others to be hurtful but it does happen.  It doesn’t have to have to be grandparents; it could be other family members or friends.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we would make a special effort to spend some of our time investing in others?  Someone had to invest their time in you and me.  We need to invest time in children because they are our future.  We need to invest time in the elderly because it can richly bless their lives as well our own.  A simple smile, a pat on the back, a visit, a phone call; the list is endless.

How about calling someone who made a difference in your life?  Kind words can mean so much.  Try bringing a smile to someone outside of your circle today.

Peace and Love


With all of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season; it can be very easy to get caught up in the rudeness that is often displayed by others as well as ourselves.  Long lines, traffic jams, tired, stressed, overworked, the list could go on and on and the excuses can be endless as to what is the underlying cause of the rudeness that is exhibited.

If we can only remember and put into practice (in the smallest way) the above quote, we could possibly alleviate a lot of the stress that we often endure.

In the coming weeks and months, I will try to blog about some positive quotes that I recently came across, unfortunately, the author is unknown.  I will also briefly discuss how my book, “And The Tree Cried Out” relates to some of the quotes.

In the book, on Pgs. 18 & 19, Alex is being taught a valuable lesson about people.

 “Mr. Tree went on to explain that people should learn to value and appreciate each other.” 

“They are all different colors, shapes, sizes and speak many different languages.  Each person is unique in his or her own way.  So much could be learned from each other if they would only take time to listen.”

I know personally that I do not always immediately see the best in others.  I am getting better as I am making a conscientious effort to recognize my short comings.

My challenge to you is to try to see the good in others not only during this Christmas season but each and every day.

Best Wishes!

I am so excited and I hope that you will be able to share in this excitement with me!

I just completed my first children’s book which is to be a series of books. The book is entitled, And The Tree Cried Out. The main characters are Rodney and Alex and we even started the Rodney & Alex Fan Club.

I had a TV interview on Sept. 17th and a book signing and book reading on Saturday, Sept. 19th at The Greene’s Children’s Book Festival. Please see the News and Events page of my website for details at

My inspiration for writing came on an early morning walk that my husband and I were taking one summer morning two years ago.

(more to follow)


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